Mustad 3551 Classic Treble Fishing Hooks | Size 6, Pack of 25



The​ Mustad 3551 Classic Treble Fishing Hooks in size 6 come in a pack of⁤ 25. These high-quality hooks⁢ are durable and ⁤sharp, ideal for catching a variety of fish species. Made from‌ high carbon​ steel, these hooks feature a classic treble design for ⁤optimal hooking efficiency.

Key Features:

1.​ Classic ⁢Mustad⁣ treble hook range
2. Reliable replacement ⁢hook for plugs, spoons, pilkers, or spinners
3. Unmatched strength​ and value for money
4. Mustad’s⁣ Wire ⁤Technology and Nor-Tempering Process for lighter and stronger hooks
5. MTL-V1 point technology for sharper and‍ more ​efficient point design
6. Suitable for both fresh and⁤ saltwater⁤ fishing
7. Standard length‌ shank⁤ and ⁣treble⁢ hook eye


– ⁢Size: 3/0
– ​Material: Nor-Tempered steel
– Point: ⁤MVL-V1 technology
– Resistance: 50% lower penetration resistance than ⁢standard‍ hooks


– Ideal for replacing hooks on various fishing lures
– Suitable for bait fishing, including for⁢ Alligator Gar
– ‌Recommended⁣ for both freshwater‌ and saltwater fishing situations


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