Mustad U KVD Elite Triple Grip, 11-Pack, Sz2



The Mustad U KVD Elite Triple Grip ⁢is an 11-pack of‍ size 2 fishing hooks. These hooks are designed for a secure hold on your catch with ultra-sharp ​points and a wide gap for easy hooksets. The triple grip design ensures maximum hooking potential for a successful fishing trip.

Key Features:

1. Specially engineered shape for‌ exceptional hooking and holding capability
2. Modified design by Kevin VanDam for increased power at hook set
3. Up to 20% stronger than traditional hooks
4. 2X short shank eliminates hook tangling
5.⁤ Less prone to snagging​ on structure ​than round‌ bend⁣ trebles


– Brand: Mustad
– Model: KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Hook
– ​Material: High-quality wire
– Size: Various sizes available
– Use: Fishing bass, pike, zander,​ and more on heavy freshwater crankbaits


– Use this premium treble hook for fishing heavy freshwater crankbaits to increase hookups
– Suitable for bass, pike, zander, and other freshwater fish species

the Mustad KVD Elite Series Triple Grip Hook‍ offers exceptional strength, precision design, and increased hooking power for a successful fishing experience.


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