Myco Bliss Powder (200gms) – Organic Root Enhancer – Increases Crop Yields

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Plantonix Myco ‍Bliss is a high-quality, organic product⁣ that enhances plant ⁣growth and root health, making‌ it an essential tool ⁤for passionate gardeners looking to create vibrant and sustainable ⁤landscapes.


The Myco Bliss Powder (200gms) is an organic root enhancer that increases crop yields. This blend contains beneficial mycorrhizal fungi that establish a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, improving nutrient absorption and overall health. Suitable for use in various crops, ⁣this powder promotes vigorous growth and higher yields.

Key Features:

– ‍All-natural soil⁣ amendments
– Neem Bliss
-⁢ Organic fertilizers
– Garden bundles
– Contains beneficial fungi for⁢ plant growth
– Highly-concentrated root ⁢booster
– Promotes vigorous plant and root growth
– ‌Increases ⁤water retention
– Easy to use

Technical Specifications:

– Package dimensions: 9.33 x 4.92 x 2.24 inches; 7.05 ounces
– Date first available:⁢ June ⁢13, 2018
– Manufacturer: Plantonix
– Country of origin: ⁤India


– ‌Ideal for improving plant growth and​ yield
– Suitable for use on trees, lawns, flowers, fruits, vegetables, roses, orchids, and tomatoes
– Promotes healthier and stronger roots
-‌ Increases ⁢nutrient uptake‍ efficiency
-⁤ Helps ⁤plants become drought resistant and use less fertilizer



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