Nano Air Stone Strip for DIY Aquarium Bubble Walls



The Nano Air Stone Strip is a flexible strip with multiple small air stones designed for creating⁣ DIY bubble walls in aquariums. ​It ⁤measures 12 inches in length and can be easily cut to fit⁤ different tank sizes. The strip can be connected to an air pump ‌to produce a steady stream of bubbles for oxygenation and visual appeal in the aquarium.

Key Features:

– ‍Second-generation nano air stone strips
– Creates smaller and more stable⁣ bubbles for healthier fish
– DIY customizable⁣ bubble ⁣wall length
– Heavy‍ enough to not require suction cups
– Easy to set up and ⁣use


– Product Dimensions: 6‌ x ‌1 x 1‍ inches; 3.53 ounces
– Item model number: QT
– Manufacturer: Carefree Fish
– Country of Origin: China


– Connect ‍to an air pump for optimal results
– Allow ⁢air stone to soak in water for 12 hours before use
– Adjust air pump knob for desired bubble size
– Follow ⁣detailed instructions for best performance


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