Navy Blue Microfiber Bait Towel 6 Pack with Clip



The Navy Blue Microfiber‍ Bait Towel 6 Pack with Clip is a handy set of fishing towels ⁣that easily attach to your belt or bag.⁢ Made of absorbent microfiber, each towel is 16×16 inches in size, and features a⁣ strong carabiner clip ⁤for easy attachment.



Fishing’s #1 Towel Bait Towel is the perfect gift for every angler and sportsman of all ages. Ideal size at 16” x 16”, super-absorbent, ‍fishing ‍towel with an easy-to-use carabiner clip.
Microfiber Bait‌ Towel​ 6 Pack Take a Bait Towel with you ‍to the Shore, On the Boat, ​In ‌the Kayak and in your Tackle Box. Always REEL CLEAN. Keep your‌ hands clean, dry and free reeling. Perfect for cleaning eye wear with no streaks. ‌
Easy-To-Use Carabiner Clip Attaches​ to your belt loop ‍for Hands-Free Convenience.
Amazing Cleaning Results Super absorbent, lightweight microfiber with plush nap yarn that wipes away ​bait, blood, and oil completely. Durable fabric that dries quickly‌ for ‌reuse.
Perfect Size 16″ x 16″, designed to be a convenient cleaning towel that can be kept with you without weighing you down.
Value‍ Pack Savings Stock up for the season on a Value Pack at a great ​price. Keep one on ​your belt loop and 1 in your tackle box. Bring a few on rainy days. Share with​ a friend. Available in many popular colors.



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