Neem Bliss 1lb – Organic Fertilizer for Garden Protection

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Plantonix ⁣Neem Bliss is ‍a safe and organic fertilizer⁣ that promotes healthy plant growth and soil fertility, making it a versatile solution for all your gardening needs.


Neem ⁤Bliss 1lb is ‌an organic fertilizer designed to protect gardens from pests and enhance plant growth. It ⁣features 100% pure neem ‍seed meal, high azadirachtin content, and is OMRI certified for organic use. This product helps deter insects, ‌enrich soil, ⁤and promote healthy plant development.

Key Features:

1. Organic plant fertilizer derived from neem tree seeds
2. Improves soil fertility and promotes healthy soil
3. Supports beneficial microbial activity in⁢ gardens
4. Enhances plant and root growth
5. Multi-use garden fertilizer for‌ various plants
6. Works harmoniously with other fertilizers and ‌manures


– Package Dimensions: 9.29 x 4.96 ‍x ⁣2.52 inches; 15.84 ounces
– Date First Available: ⁢January 4, 2017
– Manufacturer: Plantonix
– Country of‍ Origin: India


– Ideal for use in gardens, lawns, landscapes, and‍ farming soil
– Can be used on house plants, fruits, vegetables, fruit trees, and ornamental plants
– Can be used as a standalone fertilizer or blended​ with compost, manure, or press mud



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