Neem Oil Spray for Plants, Cold Pressed, Water Soluble, 8 fl. oz

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The Neem Oil Spray for ⁣Plants is a cold-pressed, water-soluble⁤ solution in an 8 ⁣fl. oz bottle. ‌It acts as a natural ⁤pesticide and fungicide for plants, resulting⁢ in healthy and⁢ thriving ⁣foliage. With⁤ its high-quality neem oil formulation, it effectively controls pests and diseases in gardens.

Dirt & Dust-Free Defense: Protect your plants from dirt and dust with our‍ neem oil spray, promoting healthy growth and⁤ photosynthesis.

Lighter Applications:⁣ Enhance your plant’s natural gloss with a gentle, once-a-week‍ application of our neem oil spray.

Garden-Friendly: ‌Our organic ⁣neem oil is safe for use around kids, pets, and garden wildlife, making it perfect for‍ organic gardening.

Easy to Use: Simply mix ⁤our Easy Neem oil extract with water in a spray bottle, shake, and spray on your plants for lustrous leaves.


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