Neem Oil Spray for Plants, Organic Pest Control, 24-Ounce

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The Neem Oil Spray for Plants is a 24-ounce organic​ pest control solution ‍that effectively protects plants from pests. Made‍ from neem oil extract,⁤ this spray is safe ‍for use on a variety of plants and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Key Features and Specifications:

– Neem oil spray for plants
– Ready-to-use with convenient spray bottle
– Multi-purpose plant spray for bugs, ⁣fungicide, and miticide
– Can be applied in spring, early summer, and fall
– Controls pests⁣ such as aphids, spider⁣ mites,⁤ whiteflies, and more
– Helps control diseases like blackspot, mildew, rust, ⁤and more
– Organic and⁢ effective
– Available in 24 oz size with 0.9% active ingredient
– EPA Registration Number: 70051-13-92564


– Apply at the first sign of infestation or ⁤disease on indoor and ‌outdoor plants
– Apply on a ‍7 to 14-day cycle as a⁢ preventative measure
– Can be used ​on plants bearing nuts, fruits, vegetables, ​and ‍delicate flowers like roses
– Can be‌ used up to‌ the day of harvest
-⁣ Helps control insect pests and diseases on plants,‍ roses, and flowers


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