Nelson Bougainvillea Fertilizer – All Purpose Plant Food (2 lb)



The Nelson Bougainvillea Fertilizer is⁢ an all-purpose ⁢plant ⁢food designed specifically for bougainvillea plants. With a 2 lb weight, this fertilizer provides essential nutrients for⁤ healthy growth, vibrant blooms, and strong roots. It is easy to use and suitable for both‌ potted and ground-planted bougainvilleas.

Key‍ Features:

– ⁣Formulated to produce strong⁢ roots and beautiful blooms
– Balanced ‌ingredients and micronutrients for healthy vines
– 17-7-10 ⁢formula for increased bloom size ​and quantity
– ‌Slow release ‍granules for extended feeding
– Easy application for hanging planters,‍ potted plants,


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