Neptune’s Harvest Kelp Meal Plant Food 1-0-2, 4 lb

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Neptune’s Harvest⁣ Kelp Meal Plant Food is a 4 lb organic fertilizer with a 1-0-2 NPK ratio containing essential nutrients from kelp to promote healthy plant growth. It ‌is suitable‍ for⁤ use on a variety of plants,​ providing a natural source of potassium and trace minerals for improved plant vigor and resilience.

Key Features,⁣ Specifications, and Usage of Neptune’s Harvest Fertilizer:

– Price: $23.00 -‍ $159.99
– Application: Crab & Lobster Shell and​ Kelp ‍Meal can be worked into ⁤the soil before planting or top dressed. Can be applied to lawns with a broadcast spreader, showing⁢ amazing results on lawns ‍and all plants.
– Coverage: Ranges from 135 sq​ ft to 1600 sq​ ft depending on ‍the product.
– Product Weight: Ranges from 4 lbs‌ to 50 lbs.
– Contains: Crab & Lobster Shell Meal or Kelp ‌Meal (Ascophyllum Nodosum).
– N-P-K Ratio: 5-3-0 for Crab & Lobster‍ Shell, 1-0-2⁢ for Kelp Meal.
– ‌Intended Use: Suitable for house⁤ plants, ⁣vegetables, flowers, gardens, trees,⁤ lawns, and containers.
– OMRI Listed:​ Kelp ⁤Meal is OMRI Listed.
– Features: Organic and natural fertilizer ⁣made from marine⁤ plants, rich in trace minerals, carbohydrates, and amino acids. ⁤Enhances root ⁢systems and overall plant health. Can⁣ be tilled into the soil‍ or top-dressed for various applications.


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