NPOP Recommended Liquid Bio-Fertilizer for Organic Farming (1 Litre)



The NPOP Recommended Liquid⁣ Bio-Fertilizer is⁢ a 1-litre bottle⁤ ideal ‌for⁣ organic ⁣farming. It is a natural fertilizer that enriches the soil with‍ essential nutrients and‍ beneficial microbes to promote healthy‌ plant growth. The product is ⁤certified by NPOP and can be used on ‍a⁣ variety of crops.

Key Features:

– Organic biofertilizer⁣ that converts insoluble inorganic⁤ phosphorus into a plant-usable form
– Suitable for all types of ⁣crops, particularly beneficial for pulses
– Increases phosphorus availability ⁣in soil by 30-50% ‌and enhances crop yield by 10-15%
– Powerful ‍liquid‍ solution ​with recommended⁢ CFU⁣ of‍ 5 x 10^8
– Eco-friendly, 100%​ organic, and cost-effective


– Package Dimensions: ‍9.37 x 3.74 x 3.62 inches;‍ 2.06 Pounds
– Manufacturer: Katyayani organics
– Date First Available:‌ July 14, 2022


– Can be used for all types⁣ of plants, trees, crops, and‍ home garden applications
– Recommended ⁢dosage for soil application,⁤ drip ‍irrigation, drenching,⁢ and seed⁢ treatment
– Detailed ‍instructions provided ⁤with the product for easy application and maximum ⁢effectiveness


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