Odowalker Electronic Fishing Scale – 110 lb Stainless Steel



The Odowalker Electronic Fishing Scale is​ a durable⁤ stainless steel scale capable of weighing up⁢ to 110 lbs. It features an easy-to-read⁣ LCD display, a ‌built-in tape measure, and a tare function for convenience. Perfect for accurately weighing ‌fish and other items while fishing.

Attributes Description
Portable Size Compact and easy to carry
High Accuracy Provides precise measurements ​
High Performance/Price Ratio Offers great value for the quality
Stainless‍ Steel Hook Durable material for long-lasting use
Automatic Calculation Digital readout when weight is detected
Memory Function Remembers heaviest weight ‌measured
Maximum Weight Can measure up to 110lb/50kg with accuracy of +/- 0.01lb/10g
Hang Hook Scale Features tare function for convenience
Size Dimensions of ​58*102.8*22.8mm
Weight Weighs 160g ​ ​ ‍ ‍
Battery Required 2 AAA batteries needed for operation
Ideal for Various Uses Suitable for fishing, hunting, luggage, postal mailing, home use, and more


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