Opulent Copper: 16 fl. oz. Liquid Fertilizer for Plants

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Opulent Copper liquid fertilizer is a 16 fl. oz. solution designed to provide essential nutrients to ​plants for optimal growth. Enriched with copper,‍ this premium formula⁤ helps promote strong root development, lush foliage, and vibrant blooms. Suitable for‌ all types of plants, indoor or⁤ outdoor.

Key Features:

– 12% liquid ​copper fertilizer
– Complexed with amino acids and EDTA free
-⁢ Quickly corrects copper deficiencies in plants
– Boosts plant ‌defense against disease and bacteria
-‌ Intensifies color, increases sugar, and improves⁣ flavor in fruits and vegetables
– ​Systemic and very mobile in ⁣plants

Technical Specifications:

– Guaranteed Analysis: Copper (Cu)⁣ 12%
– Derived from: Copper Amino Acid Complex
– 1 pint ⁣makes 50 gallons
– 0.32 fl. oz.(2 teaspoons) per⁣ gallon needed


– Apply 1 to 2 ⁤days prior to a ⁣light⁢ frost to help plants defend against ice nucleating bacteria
– Spray as a very fine mist⁢ for optimal absorption and effectiveness
– Enhances ‍plant defense, color, ⁣sugar content, and flavor


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