Oracra Transparent Nylon Plant Fence – 3x6m/10x20ft



The Oracra Transparent Nylon Plant Fence ⁢is a durable and see-through barrier that measures⁢ 3x6m or 10x20ft. Made ‍of ⁢high-quality nylon, it is UV-resistant, water-resistant,⁤ and tear-resistant, providing protection for plants while allowing sunlight to‍ pass ‍through. ​Easy to‍ install and maintain, it is suitable for‌ gardens, nurseries, ​and farms.

Key Features:

– Made of⁤ durable nylon material
– Mesh Diameter: 2cm (3/4″)
– Can be cut to any size⁢ or shape
– Allows bees to pollinate
– UV resistant and lightweight
– ⁢Reusable and withstands harsh weather conditions

Technical Specifications:

– Material: Nylon
– Color: White
– Mesh Diameter:⁣ 2cm (3/4″)
– Can be Cut: ⁣Yes


– Protects fruits, vegetables, ‍plants, and crops from birds and small animals
– Can be used as a⁤ garden fence, ⁢animal ​barrier, fruit ⁢tree bird protection netting, pond netting, and chicken coop cover
– Provides indoor protection for cats
– Easy​ to fold and unfold, can be placed anywhere
– Can be​ cut to any​ size or shape for customized use


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