Orange Perfection Phlox (3 Roots)



The Orange Perfection Phlox (3 Roots) is a vibrant flowering plant that comes with three healthy root systems. This perennial plant grows best in full sun and well-drained soil, reaching up ⁤to 18-24 inches in height. It blooms with fragrant orange blossoms that attract butterflies and​ bees.

Key Features:

– Beautiful and colorful flowers
– Easy to grow
– Heavy‌ bloomers with big flower heads
– Long season​ of bloom
– Great for cutting and creating bouquets


– Season⁣ of Interest: Summer
– Mildew-resistant varieties available
– Requires fungicide ‍treatment ⁢for powdery ⁤mildew prevention


-⁢ Ideal for ⁢perennial gardens
-‌ Plant in groups for ​a colorful ‌display
– Use for cutting and creating ⁢bouquets
– Requires ‌fungicide treatment ‌for powdery mildew prevention


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