Orchard Bird Net with 5cm Hole Spacing



The Orchard Bird Net with​ 5cm⁤ Hole Spacing is a⁢ protective netting⁤ designed to prevent birds from ‌damaging fruit crops. Made of durable materials, this net has a hole ‌spacing of 5cm, providing ample protection while allowing for​ adequate airflow and sunlight penetration to support crop growth.

Key⁣ Features:

1. Provides effective protection for‍ plants, vegetables, and fruit ‍crops ⁤from deer,⁤ chickens, and small animals
2. Made of tear-resistant and weather-resistant polyethylene netting
3. Easy to fix with included red string and cable ties
4.‍ Measures 25 x 50 feet, ⁣can be cut to size for multiple uses
5. Widely used for protecting⁤ garden​ plants, fruit trees, and as a chicken ⁣net


– Item Type: Bird Protective Net
– Material: Polyethylene
– Size:‌ 15 x 7.5m/50 ⁢x ‌25ft
– Includes: 1 x Protective Net, 50 x Ribbon


– Protects plants, vegetables, and fruit crops from ⁤animals
– Can be used as a fruit tree net or⁢ chicken net
– Suitable for gardens, orchards, ⁣and other outdoor areas



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