Organic 3-Part Fertilizer Set for All Plants & Gardens



The‌ Organic 3-Part Fertilizer Set⁣ for All Plants &​ Gardens is a complete nutrient solution ‍for healthy plant growth. This set includes a grow, bloom, and micro formula ​to provide plants‍ with essential macronutrients and micronutrients. Suitable for use in all types of gardens and plant varieties.

Key Features:

– Farmer’s Pride 3⁢ Part Organic Blend base⁤ nutrients
-‌ Can be used ⁤in ⁣hydroponic systems, coco-coir, all soil-less mediums, and in ⁢soil
– Complete⁣ plant nutrition from seedling to⁣ harvest
– High quality, effective ​formula
– Easy​ to use and safe for plants
– Contains 1 quart of each Farmer’s Pride Grow, Micro, Bloom


– Manufacturer: Blue Planet Nutrients
– Package Dimensions: 9.17 x 8.39 x 6.34 inches; ⁣2 Pounds
– Date First Available: December 7, 2013
– Discontinued By Manufacturer: No


– Dilute the appropriate amount of each part in water and feed⁢ to plants
– Suitable⁤ for all ​plants and gardens, including hydroponic systems and soil-less mediums


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