Organic All Purpose Fertilizer, 20 lbs – Pre-Amend Soils



The Organic⁣ All‍ Purpose Fertilizer, 20 lbs – ⁤Pre-Amend Soils is a versatile fertilizer suitable for all plants. It ⁤is pre-amended for easy⁢ application and​ contains essential ‍nutrients ​such as nitrogen,​ phosphorus, and potassium to promote healthy growth and strong roots. Perfect⁣ for enriching the soil ⁣and improving plant health.

Key Features:

– Organic fertilizer with ‌NPK analysis of 5-5-5
– Available in sizes of 5lb, 10lb, 20lb, and 40lb
-‌ Versatile for general gardening activities, plant feeding, boosting ⁢flowering ‌production, and increasing bloom sizes
– Made in the ​USA
– pH balanced between 5.5 and⁢ 7.5
-‍ Derived from Feather Meal, Bone Meal, Potassium Magnesium Sulfate,‌ Fish Bone Meal, and more


– Product ‌Dimensions: 10.25 x 5 ⁣x 19 inches; 20 Pounds
– Item model number: RG-CJAP20B
– Date First Available: May 16, 2024
– Manufacturer: Royal Gold
– Country of Origin: USA


– Ideal for pre-amending soils, top-dress applications, adding to compost, and brewing nutrient⁢ teas
– Works well with ‌Royal Gold’s growing mediums‍ and any soil ‌or soilless growing medium


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