Organic Bonide Copper Fungicide Controls Common Lawn & Garden Diseases


Bonide Copper Fungicide is a versatile product that effectively controls and prevents common fungal diseases in home gardens. ​It is easy to use and suitable for​ organic gardening ⁤practices.


The Organic Bonide Copper Fungicide Controls ⁢Common Lawn & Garden Diseases ⁤is a natural solution⁢ for preventing and treating fungal‌ diseases on plants. With a 99% copper⁤ octanoate as the active ingredient, it effectively protects against mildews, rusts, and blights. Safe for organic gardening ​and suitable for use on vegetables, fruits,⁢ ornamentals, and lawns.

Key Features:

– Controls and ‌prevents ‌common⁣ fungal diseases in home gardens
– Suitable for use on ​a variety of plants including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers
– Approved for organic gardening
– Can be used​ as a spray or dust
– ‌Active ingredient is Basic Copper Sulfate

Technical Specifications:

– Brand: Bonide
– Active Ingredient: Basic Copper Sulfate
– ‌Type: Ready-to-use ‍spray or dust
– Size: Not specified


– ​Use as a dust or mix with water ⁣to create a spray solution
– Apply to affected plants as needed
– Suitable for organic production of fruits,⁣ vegetables, flowers, and more
-⁢ Can be used up ⁣until the day ‍of harvest


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