Organic Copper Fungicide: Controls Mildew & Blight, 16 oz



The Organic Copper Fungicide is‌ a 16-ounce ⁤solution that effectively controls mildew‍ and blight on plants.⁣ Made from natural copper ions, this product is safe ‍for organic gardening⁤ and does not harm beneficial insects. It can‍ be used on various crops and⁢ plants to prevent fungal diseases.

Key Features:

1. Controls diseases ‌of ornamentals, flowers,​ trees, shrubs, vegetables, nuts, and fruit.
2. Can⁣ be used up until ⁣the day of harvest.
3. ⁣Approved⁣ for organic gardening.
4. Effective in controlling and preventing a wide range of⁤ plant diseases.
5. Convenient ready-to-spray packaging.
6. ⁤Can be applied to fruits, vegetables, ornamentals,‌ and other plants in ⁤the garden.


– Product Type: Liquid Copper Fungicide
-‍ Application ‍Method:⁣ Ready-to-Spray
– Organic: Yes
– Coverage: Varies​ based on application


– ⁣Attach to a hose end sprayer and ⁤thoroughly apply to affected‌ plants.
– Suitable for use on a wide range of plants in the garden.
– Follow ‍product⁢ label instructions for proper use.


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