Organic Crab Meal Fertilizer (5 lbs)



The Organic Crab Meal Fertilizer (5 lbs) ⁤is a natural and organic fertilizer made from ground-up crab shells, providing a slow-release source ⁤of essential nutrients for​ plants.‌ It is high in calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus,⁤ and chitin, promoting healthy root development and ‍disease resistance in plants.

Key Features:

– Crab‍ meal⁢ (Ground Crab Shells) is a great source of⁤ nutrition for ‍plants
– NPK ratio‌ of 4-3-0 for added Nitrogen and Phosphorus
– Improves soil texture, water,⁢ and air holding ​capacity
– Suitable for vegetable gardens, flower beds, row crops, containers,‍ trees, and ⁢shrubs


– Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 7.2 x 3 inches; 4.95 Pounds
– Date First Available: ‍May 17, 2019
– Manufacturer: PowerGrow Systems
– Country of Origin: USA


– For new gardens, ​apply 5 ⁣lbs per 100 square feet and mix into top⁣ 3″ of soil
– For new ​transplants,⁣ add 1-2 tbsp per hole and water in well
-​ For​ established plants, side⁤ dress 2-4 oz once a month during growing⁤ season
– ⁢For row crops, ​apply ​500-1,000⁤ lbs per acre
– For containers, add 1-2 tbsp per‌ gallon of soil for new⁢ plantings
– For trees and ‌shrubs, spread 1-2 ‌lbs per 1″ ⁤of trunk diameter around the base and water in well


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