Organic Garden Fungicide, 24 oz Ready-to-Spray Bottle



The Organic Garden Fungicide⁢ is a 24​ oz ⁣ready-to-spray ⁣bottle that​ effectively controls ⁣and‌ prevents fungal diseases on plants. Made with natural ingredients, it is safe for use on fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamentals. This product is easy to use ​and provides long-lasting protection for your garden.

Key Features:

– Disease control⁢ for ​roses, flowers,‌ and‌ shrubs
– ‍Prevents​ and controls black spot, rust, powdery mildew, blight, ⁤and other‌ common plant diseases
– 100% organic insecticide
– Completely safe to use around children⁤ and pets
– Non-toxic and will not‌ contaminate ground water supplies


– Brand: ‍EcoSMART
– Product Type: ‌Garden Fungicide
– Safe for: Children ‍and​ pets
– Formulation:⁢ Essential plant oils blend
– Effectiveness: Kills insects fast ⁢and repels new bugs


– ⁢Apply as directed on affected plants to prevent ⁤and control diseases
– ⁤Safe​ to use⁣ in gardens,⁢ flower beds, and shrubbery
– Can be used regularly as ‍a preventative measure against common plant diseases
-⁤ Environmentally friendly and ​safe for use around children and pets


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