Organic Gardening Insect & Disease Control Spray, 64 oz


Captain Jack’s Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate is a versatile and effective solution for controlling pests and diseases in your garden or orchard. With its organic approval and easy-to-use concentrate, it provides ‍total protection for your plants.


The Organic ⁢Gardening Insect & Disease Control ‌Spray, 64 oz ⁢is a natural solution to protect plants ⁣from pests and diseases. Made from organic ingredients, this ‍spray is safe for use ⁣on ‌fruits,⁣ vegetables, ⁢and ⁢ornamental plants. It is easy to ⁤apply, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.

Key Features:

– Acts as 4⁣ garden products in one: ‌fungicide, insecticide,⁢ miticide, and nematicide
– Approved for organic ⁢gardening
– Controls a wide range of pests​ including aphids, beetles, caterpillars, and‍ more
– Prevents and controls‌ common fungal attacks on plants
– Can be used on a variety of fruits, ‌nuts, and ⁤citrus plants
– Ready-to-mix concentrate makes up to 80 gallons of spray or‌ drench
– Can be applied as a foliar spray or soil drench

Technical Specifications:

– Active Ingredient: Cold Pressed Neem Oil
– Size: Half gallon concentrate
– Application: Every 10-14 days or as needed
– Usage: Indoors and outdoors


– Apply before⁢ pests or diseases are present in large ⁤numbers
– Mix with water according‍ to package instructions and shake well
– Apply to‍ affected ⁢plants as a foliar spray or soil ⁢drench
– Can ⁢be used on vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, grass, and houseplants



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