Organic Kelp Seaweed Concentrate: Orchid Fertilizer (32 OZ)



The Organic Kelp Seaweed Concentrate is ⁣a 32 ‍oz orchid fertilizer‍ made from natural kelp seaweed. It provides essential​ nutrients for healthy orchid growth, promotes blooming, and enhances overall plant health. ⁢This ⁤concentrate‌ is easy to use and environmentally friendly,‍ perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners.
Key Features:
– Boosts Phalaenopsis blooms
– Supports healthy⁢ Phalaenopsis spikes
-​ Enhances Phalaenopsis leaf vibrancy
– 100% ⁢natural‍ seaweed ​ingredients
– Safe and gentle for orchids
– User-friendly liquid concentrate

– Formulation: ⁢Kelp Seaweed​ Concentrate
– Ingredients: Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed
– Type: Liquid fertilizer
– Application: Watering and ‌foliar application

– Tailored for Phalaenopsis orchids
-⁤ Promotes vibrant,‌ long-lasting blooms
– Fortifies‌ spikes for strong growth
– ​Deepens leaf⁢ color and promotes healthy foliage
– Safe and environmentally ‍friendly option ⁤for ‍orchid care


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