Organic Liquid Bio-Fertilizer with Potassium Mobilizing Bacteria (1 Litre)


Katyayani Potassium Mobilizing​ Bacteria Bio Fertilizer is ⁤a natural alternative to chemical potassium fertilizers ‍that improves plant health, yield, and​ disease resistance. It is suitable for a variety of plants⁢ and is ‌easy to use with detailed instructions included.


This ​1 liter bottle of‌ Organic Liquid Bio-Fertilizer contains potassium mobilizing⁤ bacteria,⁤ promoting ⁢plant growth and⁣ nutrient‌ uptake. It ​is organic, eco-friendly, and suitable for all types of plants. With a high potassium content, it helps improve plant health ⁢and overall yields.

Key Features:

1. Provides potassium to⁤ plants naturally
2. Mobilizes available potassium near ‍plant roots
3. Increases availability of potassium in usable form
4. Powerful liquid solution with Recommended CFU (5 x 10^8)
5. Better ⁢shelf life than other powder and liquid forms of KMB
6. Widely used for all types of plants, trees, and crops
7. Improves water retention, taste, color, texture, yield, and disease resistance
8. Completely eco-friendly and 100% organic
9. Cost-effective bio fertilizer
10. Suitable for home gardens, indoor and ⁢outdoor plants, lawns, and organic farming


– Package Dimensions: 9.69 x 4.02 x ​3.39 inches; 2.38 Pounds
– Manufacturer: Katyayani organics
-​ ASIN: B0B6J2J54N
– Date First Available: July 14, 2022


– Soil Application: 1-2 Liter Katyayani KMB per Acre
– Drip Irrigation: 1.5-2 Litre
– Can also be applied through⁢ drenching and seed treatment
– Detailed instructions provided with the product



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