Organic Neem Oil Spray for Plants – 8.5 Oz



The Organic Neem Oil Spray for Plants is an 8.5 oz ⁤natural pesticide and fungicide solution for use​ on indoor and outdoor plants. Made with cold-pressed neem oil, it is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and safe for use ⁣around pets and wildlife. Contains 100%⁢ pure neem oil with no harmful additives.

Key Features:

-⁣ 100% cold pressed neem oil
-⁤ Suitable for indoor and outdoor ornamental plants
– Organic and‍ natural
– Value-saving concentrate
– American-owned company

Technical Specifications:

– Concentrate form
– 100% pure neem oil
– Recommended for organic use
– Shelf life of 120 days once ⁣opened


– Mix with ‌dish soap for spraying application
– ‌Use within 8 hours after mixing
– Ideal for maintaining healthy and shiny plants
– Can be used for both indoor and outdoor plants


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