Organic Neem Spray & Fertilizer for Garden, OMRI Listed

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The⁣ Neem Organics Neem ‌Oil spray ‌and Orgo Neem Cake are great​ products for protecting and nourishing plants both indoors⁣ and outdoors.


The Organic Neem Spray & Fertilizer for⁢ Garden is OMRI Listed, meaning it is ‌approved for organic gardening use. This product is a dual-purpose solution that acts ⁤as a natural pesticide and ⁣fertilizer, ‌promoting healthy plant growth while deterring pests.

Key Features:

1.‌ Neem⁤ Organics Neem ⁤Oil spray for plants
2.‌ Orgo Neem Cake for enriching soil
3. Suitable for ‍indoor and outdoor⁤ plants
4. ‌Pure neem‍ oil cold-pressed from neem tree fruits and seeds
5. Neem ‍pellets act ⁢as a plant-based fertilizer
6. Promotes healthier and faster plant growth

Technical Specifications:

– Dilute 3mL-7mL neem ⁤oil per quart ​of water for spraying
– Can be applied with various types of sprayers
– Neem Cake is cold-pressed from ⁤the seeds of the Neem Tree
– Suitable for use on ⁤houseplants, flowering plants, fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs
– Helps boost​ natural resistance of plants


– Spray generously⁣ on all ‌leaf ⁢surfaces, including the underside
– Apply‍ in early morning or late afternoon for best ​results
– Neem Cake helps⁣ bring balance to the soil for healthier plant growth


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