Organic Seaweed & Humic Acid Fertilizer – 2.5 Gallon



The Organic Seaweed & Humic Acid⁤ Fertilizer is a ⁣2.5 gallon liquid fertilizer ‍that promotes ‍healthy plant growth. Made from organic seaweed and humic acid, this fertilizer is rich in essential nutrients and minerals. Suitable for all types of ‍plants, this product enhances soil health and improves plant vitality.

Attributes Description
Product Dimensions 9 x 7 ​x ‌14 inches; 22.9 Pounds
Date First Available May 5, 2022
Manufacturer UAS of ‍America
Country of Origin USA
Organic Liquid Seaweed Sea Hume can Enhance Conditions ​For Improving Plant’s ⁣Tolerance to Abiotic Stressors like ‍Drought⁢ and Extreme‌ Temperatures
Seaweed For Turf Grass Use Alongside Lawn Food Fertilizer Program. Can be used on all grass types including Bermuda, St. Augustine, ⁢Zoysia, Buffalo,‍ Centipede, Florida Palmetto, Bahia, ⁢Fescue, ‌Ryegrass & Kentucky ‌Bluegrass
Liquid Seaweed for Garden Use on Indoor Plants, Flowers, Roses, Garden, ‍Landscape, Hardy trees, Seeding, Overseeding and⁤ New sod.⁢ Use Alongside Plant Food Fertilizer​ Program
OMRI Organic Kelp Soil Conditioning Treatment:⁢ Seaweed has been used in​ Agriculture ⁢for Centuries and is Highly Trusted​ and Valued by ​Farmers All‍ Over the World
Easy to Use Application Rates for Lawn and Garden: Soil Hume can be applied using a Hose-end Sprayer, Backpack Sprayer, Spray Tank or Pump-up ⁢Sprayer or Watering Can


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