Organic Stylet-Oil by JMS



The Organic Stylet-Oil⁣ by JMS is a plant-based oil designed ‍to protect plants from various pests and diseases.⁤ Made from natural ingredients, it is safe for use on fruits, vegetables, and‌ ornamental plants. The oil works ⁣by suffocating and repelling insects, while also preventing fungal growth.

Key ⁣Features:

– Organic fungicide,‍ insecticide,⁣ and miticide
– Formulated using FDA ​labeled food grade​ quality mineral oil
-⁢ Clear, odorless, and environmentally⁣ safe formulation
– ⁢4-hour re-entry interval and zero day pre-harvest interval
– Safe ‌for pets, pollinators, and ⁢beneficial predators
– Effective against powdery ​mildew, rust, botrytis bunch rot, and ⁤more
-​ Increases uptake⁢ activity of other pesticides
– Tank mixable with most other fungicides
– Prevents insect feeding and laying of⁣ eggs
– OMRI certified for organic use


– Size: 2.5-gallon (also available⁣ in 1-gallon)
– Manufacturer: JMS Stylet-Oil
– Certification: OMRI ‍certified


– Suitable ⁣for use on​ various crops including‍ grapes, ⁤citrus, tree fruit, vegetables, flowers,​ and⁤ grasses
– Effective against a wide‍ range of pests and diseases
– Can be ⁣used for eradication, protection, and anti-sporulation
– ⁣Safe for use ⁢in ⁣organic farming practices


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