Organic Sulfur Fungicide for Plant Diseases (1 lb.)



The Organic Sulfur Fungicide for Plant Diseases is a 1 lb. product designed to control and prevent fungal diseases on plants. Its technical specifications include being made with‌ organic sulfur and having a weight ​of 1 lb. It features a natural and environmentally-friendly approach to protecting plants from diseases.

Key features:

– Controls and prevents common garden diseases
-⁣ Can be used on fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals
– ⁣Approved for organic gardening
– Can be used ​up to the ⁢day of harvest
– Also works as a pesticide ‌for ⁢animals


– Brand:⁣ Bonide
– Type: Micronized‌ Spray or Dust
– Can ​be applied as a dust or mixed with water
– ‌Can be used on grapes, peaches, berries, roses, ornamental shrubs, and more


-⁢ Apply to plants to prevent ⁢and ⁣control diseases
– Can also be used on animals to control fleas, ticks, and mites
-‍ Ready-to-use product, simply follow label instructions for application


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