Organic Veda Neem Oil Spray for Indoor/Outdoor Gardens 16oz


The Organic Veda Neem ⁢Oil Triple Complex is a high-quality, versatile, and pet-friendly⁣ solution for all-natural plant care, suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardens.


The Organic Veda ‍Neem Oil Spray is⁣ a natural pest control solution for indoor and‌ outdoor ⁤gardens. This 16oz spray bottle is made with 100% pure neem oil, which helps repel and eliminate insects while nourishing plants. It is safe to use ⁢around pets and children.

Key Features:

1. Made from Organic Whole Neem Seed, Leaf, and Flower
2. High Azadirachtin‍ content
3. Versatile for indoor and outdoor plants
4. Leaves no harsh residues ‌behind
5. Easy to use and highly soluble
6. ⁢Pet-friendly

Technical Specifications:

– ⁤Concentrated neem oil
– Cold-pressed extraction ‌method
-​ Sourced from South ⁣India
-‍ Ideal⁢ for⁣ organic gardening
– Can‍ be used on farms, lawns, indoor and⁢ outdoor gardens


– Mix 1 and‍ 1/2 teaspoons of neem oil per quarter of water for gardening
– Spray diluted solution​ on all​ leaf surfaces every 2-3 weeks
– Can be used⁤ on a variety of plants including herbs, vegetables, ​fruit trees, and flowering plants
-⁤ Pet-friendly, can be mixed with shampoo for pet care


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