Orkestra Fungicide 80 oz. Bottle



The Orkestra‌ Fungicide 80 oz.⁣ Bottle‌ is a powerful fungicide​ designed to protect crops‌ from ‌fungal diseases. With a large 80 oz. capacity,​ this product is suitable for use on a variety of crops. Its ⁢advanced formula provides long-lasting protection and is rainfast within one hour of application.

Key ‍Features:

– Fast and long-acting ‍control of foliar ‌and soilborne​ diseases
– Two modes of action for protection against various diseases
– Improves plant health and resilience⁤ to stressors
– ‍Suitable for use in nurseries, greenhouses, landscapes, and more
– ⁢Registered for⁤ use in California

Technical Specifications:

– Manufacturer: BASF
– Date⁤ First Available:⁢ April⁣ 17, 2022
– Country‌ of Origin: ⁤USA


-‌ Target Pests:⁢ Anthracnose, Crown and basal rots, Downy mildew,⁣ Powdery mildew, Rust, and more
– For use in Greenhouses, ‌Nurseries,⁣ Landscapes, Golf courses,⁤ and more
– ​Shelf ‌life: N/A


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