Ortho Dial N Spray Hose-End Sprayer for Garden Use

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The Ortho‍ Dial N Spray ​Hose-End Sprayer is‌ a convenient tool for ‍applying liquid lawn and garden chemicals. Featuring three adjustable⁢ spray patterns and‍ 14 dial settings, it accurately delivers the right amount of product. It⁣ has ‍a 32-ounce container capacity ⁤and can easily connect to ⁤a ‍garden hose for hassle-free application.

Key Features:

– Easy⁢ to apply ⁤liquid weed killers, insect ⁤killers, fungicides, and​ fertilizers
-​ Dispenses approximately 2 gallons of water per minute
– No ‍mixing, measuring, or⁣ mess
– 14 built-in dilution settings
– Three spray patterns: Broadcast, Jet, and Shower
-⁢ Extended-grip handle⁣ and ergonomically designed trigger
– Anti-backflow device to⁣ prevent product‌ from ⁢going ⁣back into water systems


– Mixes from ​1 tsp to 8 oz ⁢per gallon ⁤of water
– ⁤Can reach ‌high ⁢places up to 25 feet
– Suitable for large​ areas and gentle vegetation
– Can be used with Ortho liquid concentrates


– Easy lawn solution without ​mixing or mess
– Simple to‍ use in 3 easy steps
– Suitable for a variety ⁣of liquid concentrates⁢ such⁢ as weed ⁤killers and fertilizers


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