Ortho MAX Insect Control Concentrate, 16 oz



The Ortho MAX Insect Control Concentrate is a 16⁤ oz ⁢product designed to eradicate insects in outdoor spaces. It features​ a powerful ⁣formula that kills ⁢and⁤ prevents a wide‌ range‌ of insects, including ants, mosquitoes,⁤ and‌ spiders. This ⁢concentrate can be mixed⁣ with water and applied‍ using‍ a sprayer for easy and effective insect control.

Key Features:

1. ⁤Stops and prevents ​various plant diseases such as⁣ rust, leaf spot, blight, powdery mildew, and fruit ⁤rot
2. Controls diseases on vegetables, flowers, ⁤shrubs, shade trees, and fruit trees
3. Makes up to 64‌ gallons ⁢of diluted spray
4. Effective in stopping and preventing garden‍ diseases
5. Controls listed vegetable, fruit, and ornamental plant diseases


– Makes up to 64 gallons of diluted spray
– Suitable for⁣ use on various plants including vegetables,​ flowers, shrubs, shade trees, and fruit trees


– Use to prevent⁢ and ⁤control a wide range‍ of plant diseases
– Dilute​ according to⁣ instructions and apply as a spray on affected plants
– Can be used ​on a variety of plants ‌in the garden or landscape to protect against diseases.


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