Over Grow RTU – 1L

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The Over⁤ Grow RTU – 1L ​is a ready-to-use plant growth enhancer that‌ promotes vigorous ‍growth and⁤ higher yields. This ‌product contains essential nutrients and ‌minerals ‍to support ‍healthy plant​ development, making it easy to use ⁣with no mixing​ required. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Key Features:

– Dynamic, multi-purpose, ready-to-use⁤ spray
-‌ Corrects​ deficiencies and provides increased performance
– Can be sprayed in full sunlight without burning
– Provides full spectrum of NPK, micro nutrients, vitamins,​ sugars, amino acids, and B1
– Works synergistically with‍ plants to increase light⁤ intake ⁢and nutrient uptake
– Reduces ⁤abiotic stress
– No negative side effects from leaf ⁤burn or residuals


– Manufacturer: Optic Foliar
– Package Dimensions: 9.1 x 4.4 x 2.7‌ inches; 2.3 pounds
– Date First Available: July 24, 2013


– Spray on the tops of leaves to increase growth, supplement yield, and promote overall ⁢plant health
– Can be used ⁢in full ⁤sunlight without causing damage or burning
– Suitable for correcting deficiencies and improving plant performance


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