PACIFIC Women’s Rubber Coated Garden Gloves, Purple, Medium



The PACIFIC Women’s Rubber Coated Garden Gloves in⁤ Purple, Medium ​size are designed for gardening tasks. Featuring a rubber coating for ⁢protection ⁢and ‌grip,⁣ these gloves provide comfort and flexibility while working outdoors. ⁤Perfect for women‍ gardeners of all⁤ skill​ levels.

Key Features:

1. Rubber coating on‌ palms for high performance in dexterity
2. Latex coating ‍on palms and fingers for abrasion ⁤resistance and secure grip
3. Lightweight and breathable⁤ knitted base for comfortable fit
4. Thicken‍ fingertip for protection
5. Long and flexible cuff to keep dirt and debris ‍out
6. Medium size fits most women’s hands
7. Bright colors for easy visibility in the garden
8. Non-slip grip for various gardening tasks
9. Bundle package of 6 pairs
10. Easy to⁤ hose⁢ off for cleaning


– Material: Polyester, rubber, latex
– Size: Medium
– Quantity: 6⁢ pairs
– Color: Assorted bright colors


– Ideal for gardening, landscaping, ⁣handling, automotive,⁣ logistics, warehousing, DIY, and more
– Suitable for weeding, planting, digging,​ seeding, picking fruits, and other gardening ‌tasks.


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