Park Seeds Seedling Fertilizer, 1 OZ



The Park Seeds Seedling Fertilizer is a⁢ 1 oz concentrated liquid fertilizer⁤ designed to promote the healthy growth of seedlings. It is enriched with essential nutrients to provide young plants with the necessary boost for strong roots and​ vigorous growth.

Key Features:

– Seedling formula used⁢ by Park Seed for many years
– 20-20-20 NPK solution with chelated trace elements
– Water-soluble blue crystals for easy‌ recognition
– Instantly dissolves ‍and distributes evenly
– Specially formulated for seedlings to grow into healthy plants
– Available in‍ refill size for ‍convenience


– Package Dimensions:⁤ 6.1 x 4.84⁤ x 0.35 inches;⁣ 1.16 ounces
– Date First Available: June 2, 2021
– ⁤Manufacturer: Park Seed


– Drop into water at‍ the base of Bio Dome or ​mix into watering can for seed ⁢flats
– Ideal for new seedlings to ⁢promote healthy‌ growth
– Can ⁤be used before seeds sprout for maximum effectiveness


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