Pet-Friendly Fungicide & Herbicide Combo, 3-Pack Gloves, 32 oz



The Pet-Friendly Fungicide & Herbicide Combo is a 3-pack of⁢ gloves and 32 oz bottles designed for safe and effective⁣ plant care.​ The product is​ pet-friendly, meaning that it is safe to use around pets. It ‍offers protection against both fungi‌ growth‌ and unwanted plants while keeping your furry‌ friends ⁤safe.

Key Features:

1. All-in-one disease control ‌for lawns and ornamental planting
2.​ Dual-action protection‌ against ​various fungi and lawn‍ issues
3. User-friendly application with easy tip and‍ pour design
4. Pet-friendly ‍formula that is safe for pets within 1-2 hours
5. Cost-effective coverage with 0.5-1.9 fl. oz. treating up to​ 1,000 sq ‌ft


– Available in three sizes: 16, 32, and 128 ounces
– ‌Date First Available: August 22, 2023


– Measure area to be treated⁤ and mix solution accordingly
– Can be applied using various spray equipment
– Ensure complete‍ coverage and thorough wetting of foliage⁣ for effective results
– Apply when plants are fully established and⁢ actively growing


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