PetraGrow Crop Defender Super Concentrate – 16oz

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The PetraGrow Crop Defender Super Concentrate – 16oz is a powerful plant protection solution that helps prevent pests and diseases. With a high concentration formula, ⁢this product can ‌cover a⁤ large area and effectively protect plants. It is easy⁢ to use and designed ​to promote healthy growth.

Key Features:

-⁢ Exceptional plant⁤ protection against various pests ⁢and diseases
– Highly concentrated formula, only 1 ounce needed to make a ‍gallon of⁤ spray
– Plant-friendly formula suitable for​ a variety of plants
– Premium quality formulation crafted ‍from high-grade ​oils
– Made in ⁣the USA with a guarantee of quality


-‌ Product: Crop Defender ⁢Leaf Guard
– Usage: Pest‌ management, plant protection, garden care
– Application: Can ​be used with PetraTools​ CannaFogger for quick and ⁢efficient application
– Formulation: Plant-friendly, organic, safe for pets and environment
-⁢ Quantity: 1 ounce makes a ⁤gallon of ​ready-to-use spray


– Protects plants from sap-sucking pests, mildew,⁢ mold, and more
– Can be used on tomatoes, peppers, flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, and more
– Ideal for organic‌ gardening,⁣ suitable for use at any stage ⁢of plant ‌growth
– Provides​ long-term protection without harsh chemicals
– Loved by professional growers ⁣for its effectiveness and quality


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