Phyton 27 2oz Systemic Bactericide & Fungicide



The Phyton 27 2oz Systemic Bactericide & Fungicide is ‍a ​powerful plant treatment that effectively controls bacterial and fungal ⁣infections. ‌With active ingredients that protect plants from disease, this systemic treatment is easy to apply and provides long-lasting protection for your garden or crops.

Key Features:

– Broad-spectrum systemic bactericide/fungicide
– ‍Effective against various‌ pathogens such as botrytis, bacterial leaf spot, and powdery mildew
– Patented formula with copper sulfate pentahydrate​ for absorption into plants
– Residual protection⁢ for up to 21 days
– Leaves no visible residue and enhances plant health


– True systemic: absorbed and moves throughout the plant
– Preventive and curative for root⁢ and foliar diseases
– Can be⁢ used throughout ⁣the growing season
– Low risk of phytotoxicity when used ‌as directed
– Rainfast/waterfast for effective protection


– Ideal for ornamentals, trees, ​shrubs, and bedding ⁤plants
-⁤ Suitable for greenhouse, nursery, field, landscape, and interiorscape use
– Compatible with Integrated Pest Management programs and biocontrols


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