Pillar G Granular Fungicide (30 LB)



The Pillar G Granular Fungicide is⁣ a 30 lb product designed to⁣ effectively control and prevent ⁢fungal diseases in commercial and residential turf. It features a dual-action formula with two active ingredients for optimal coverage‍ and ⁣protection, ‍making it⁤ a reliable choice for maintaining healthy and disease-free grass.

Key Features:

– Combination of pyraclostrobin and triticonazole on a ⁢granular carrier
– Controls numerous turfgrass diseases including dollar⁤ spot, anthracnose, and patch diseases
– Provides plant‍ health benefits such as stress management and increased root length
– Formulated on a ‍clay granule for excellent spreading characteristics
-⁤ Treats 10,000 square feet per 30 lb bag


– Shelf life of up to 3 ⁤years when‌ stored properly
– For use in commercial and residential areas ​including golf courses, lawns, and sports fields
– Labeled for use on most turfgrasses


– Apply as a preventative fungicide for the control of important turfgrass diseases
– Follow instructions on the product label for complete usage guidelines
– Provides⁣ healthier and higher quality turf, especially during stressful periods.


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