Pond Netting Cover for Leaves 20 x 30 Ft, 1/2 Inch Mesh, 28 Stakes

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The ⁤Pond Netting⁤ Cover for Leaves is a⁤ 20 x ‍30 ft mesh net ​with‌ 1/2 inch holes and includes 28 stakes for securing. It helps protect ponds from falling leaves, debris, and predators,‌ allowing water flow while keeping ‍the pond clean and⁢ healthy.

Key Features:

1. Protective function ​against animals, safeguarding fish in the pond.
2. Maintains water quality by preventing leaves and debris from entering the pond.
3. 1/2‌ inch mesh size for ventilation and growth ⁣of aquatic plants.
4. Durable and tear-resistant with a load-bearing capacity exceeding 100 pounds.
5. Easy to use, can be trimmed to fit the size⁢ of the pond.

Technical Specifications:

– Material: ‍PE threads
– Mesh Size: 1/2‍ inch
– Load-bearing Capacity: >100 pounds
– Dimensions: Customizable


– Protecting fish in koi ponds from harm.
– Maintaining water cleanliness and quality.
– Facilitating the growth of aquatic plants.
– ‌Easy installation and secure⁢ placement with ground stakes⁢ or weights.


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