Portable LED Tent Lights 4-Pack for Camping, Hiking, Outages



The ⁤Portable LED Tent Lights 4-Pack are compact, ⁤lightweight lights perfect for camping, hiking, and power outages. Each ⁤light is equipped with a durable hook for easy hanging, providing bright illumination with a long battery life. ‌Features include​ multiple lighting modes and a compact design for easy⁢ storage and⁣ transportation.
for camping,⁢ hiking, fishing,⁣ power outages, and other outdoor activities.

Key Features:
1. Compact and portable LED tent​ light
2. 150 lumens for maximum brightness
3. 3 light modes: high, low, strobe
4.‌ Water-resistant and durable design
5. ⁤Long-lasting⁢ battery life of 10-15 hours
6. Can be used for camping, hiking, emergencies, and more

– Package includes: Different⁤ color options available
– Brightness level: 150 ⁢lumens
– Power type: Battery operated (3 x AAA alkaline batteries, not included)
– Working hours: 10-15 hours
– Lighting modes: High, low, strobe
– Special advantages: Water-proof
– Size: 5.7 x 2.1 x ‌2.1 inches
– Lighting color: White

– Perfect for camping, hiking,⁤ emergencies,⁣ and outdoor activities
– Can be used as a decorative indoor light ‍or night light
– Ideal ‌as a gift for outdoor enthusiasts or for emergency preparedness


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