Portable Veterinary B-Ultrasound Scanner for Farm Animals



The Portable‌ Veterinary ⁢B-Ultrasound Scanner for Farm Animals is a handheld device for imaging and diagnosing health issues in livestock. With⁤ a high-resolution ​display screen ⁣and real-time imaging capabilities, this scanner is ⁤lightweight, easy to use, ⁣and suitable for on-the-go veterinary care in rural ‍settings.



Probe 3.5MHz​ Probe
Display Depth (mm) 60-190; 14 levels adjustable
Blind Area (mm) Iob(Mw/cm2)
Resolution (mm) Lateral: <2 (depth≤50) Axial: <2​ (depth≤50)
Geometric Position Accuracy (%) Horizontal≤2 ‍Longitudinal ≤‍ 2
Monitor size (inches) 5.6 TFT-LCD
Graphics storage 128 frames ‍
Display function image real-time/freeze/store/recall
Measurement function pig
Battery capacity 4000mAh
Host power consumption 12W in‌ non-charging working ​condition/25W in ‌charging working condition
Adapter power consumption  ​ 45W
Pseudo-color display gray, red, yellow, blue​
Packing list 1 detector, 1 Probe, 1 Power adapter, 1 suitcase ​
Best Choice Ideal for animal breeding bases and pet hospitals ​


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