POYEE 25 x 50 FT Garden Bird Netting for Plants



The ⁢POYEE 25 x 50 FT Garden ⁢Bird‍ Netting for Plants is a durable and lightweight netting designed to protect your plants from birds and other pests. Made of high-quality material,⁣ it‌ measures 25 x 50 feet in size and is easy‌ to install and remove.

Key Features:

– Protects plants from birds, deer, squirrels, and other animals
– Made of UV resistant polyethylene material
– 1 ​inch fine mesh for durability
– Easy to use and ‌customize with scissors
– Can be used for a variety⁤ of applications including poultry​ netting and pond ⁣netting.


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