PPZ 41.8 Select, 1 Gal Propiconazole – Spectator Comparison



The‍ PPZ ‍41.8 Select is a 1 gallon container of Propiconazole fungicide for use as a lawn and turf ⁢treatment. With 41.8% active ingredient, this product‍ effectively controls various broad-spectrum diseases, ​including ​dollar⁣ spot, brown patch,⁤ and anthracnose, providing long-lasting⁣ protection for your property.

Key Features:

– Broad spectrum fungicide for control of ⁣plant ‌diseases
– Provides preventative‍ and ⁤curative⁢ control for turfgrass, ornamental, and crop diseases
– Full season protection for some crops
– Low odor emulsifiable concentrate⁤ formulation
– Highly compatible tank mix partner
– Systemic fungicide for use on turfgrasses
– Controls over 19 listed diseases on turfgrasses
– Controls numerous diseases⁣ on⁣ ornamentals and landscape plants
– Can be mixed with other fungicides ​for broader spectrum⁤ control
– Compatible ‌with numerous herbicides and⁣ insecticides

Technical Specifications:

– 41.8% ⁣Propiconazole ‌compared to 14.3% in Banner Maxx II
– For use on commercial lawns, golf⁤ courses,⁢ landscapes, and numerous crops
– Controls diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose,‍ powdery mildew, rusts, and more on turf
-​ Controls diseases such as blights, leaf spots, ​powdery mildews, ‍rusts,⁤ and scabs‌ on ornamentals


– Apply as directed on‌ label ⁢for specific⁢ diseases and plants
– Can⁢ be mixed with other fungicides for enhanced control
– Follow all directions, precautions, and limitations on labeling for tank mixes.


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