Premium All Purpose Indoor Plant Fertilizer – 8oz Bottle



The⁣ Premium ⁣All Purpose Indoor ⁤Plant Fertilizer is an 8oz bottle that‌ provides essential nutrients to indoor plants, promoting‌ healthy growth and vibrant blooms. Its ⁣balanced formula includes ⁤nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to support overall plant ‌health, with easy application⁢ instructions ⁤for beginner and experienced gardeners alike.

Item Description
Price $12.99
Indoor Plants Surged in popularity, essential in modern living spaces.
Gardenera’s 3-1-2 Liquid Fertilizer Concentrate Meticulously crafted for indoor greenery’s ⁣unique dietary needs.
NPK Ratio Optimized blend ‌of nitrogen, ‌phosphorus,‌ and potassium.
Benefits Promotes robust growth,‌ radiant blooms, and overall vitality.
Organic ‍Ingredients Ensures natural and sustainable growth, free from harmful additives.
How to Use Dilute 1 teaspoon in 1 gallon ⁢of water for optimal​ results.
Vibrant Growth Guarantees lush foliage and vivid blossoms.
Enhanced Resistance Boosts plants’ immunity ⁤against diseases for extended lifespan.
Made in USA Crafted with⁣ precision⁤ and⁤ commitment‌ in the ⁣USA.


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