Premium Desert Rose & Bonsai Fertilizer – Organic Seaweed (16 OZ)



The Premium ⁣Desert Rose & Bonsai⁤ Fertilizer is ⁢a ​16 oz ⁣bottle of organic seaweed ‌fertilizer specially⁣ formulated to ‌promote healthy ​growth and blooming. It contains essential ‌nutrients and trace elements to nourish plants, improve soil quality, and enhance overall plant health.
Key Features:
– Liquid organic fertilizer made from laminaria seaweed
– Enhances vibrant blooms and overall plant health
– Strengthens resilience to arid conditions
– Safe, chemical-free, and eco-friendly
-‍ Easy to use formula for all gardeners
– Made in the USA

– Item ‍Weight: 1‌ pound
– Model Number: OLKC-11
– Date First ⁣Available: ‍January 11, 2024
– Manufacturer: Summit Sales Company⁤ LLC
– ASIN: B0CS5G5N97
– Country‍ of Origin: USA

– Gentle nutrition for transplant and temperature stress
– Boosts bloom and photosynthesis
– Aids ⁢in recovery post-pruning and transplanting
– Versatile application as foliar spray or root feed
– Suitable for both experienced and novice gardeners


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