Propiconazole 14.3 Fungicide for Turf & Ornamental Plants (Gallon)



The Propiconazole 14.3 Fungicide is a concentrated liquid designed for use on turf and ornamental plants to⁢ control fungal diseases. It ⁤contains 14.3% propiconazole as the active ingredient, is sold in a one-gallon container, and provides long-lasting protection against a wide range of plant diseases.

Key Features:

1. ⁣Economical, broad-spectrum ⁢disease control for cool ⁢and warm season grasses, trees, shrubs, and flowers
2. Available in quart, gallon, and 2.5 gallon bottles
3. Microemulsion formulation for less odor, better tank stability, and excellent plant coverage
4. Locally systemic mode of action for long-lasting disease control
5. Excellent tank⁤ mix partner with most other fungicides
6. Effective against various diseases ​such⁣ as ⁤rusts, snowmolds, leaf spots, and powdery mildew
7. Suitable for professional use in‌ nursery,‍ landscape, turf, trees, golf courses, ‍and tree injection


– Product ⁤Type: Fungicide
– Active Ingredient: Propiconazole⁢ 14.3%
– Available Sizes: Quart, Gallon, 2.5 Gallon


– Apply to cool and warm season⁤ grasses, trees, ⁤shrubs, and flowers
– Suitable ‍for nursery,‌ landscape, turf, trees, golf courses, and tree injection
– Effective against‍ a wide range of diseases including ​rusts, snowmolds, and ⁣leaf spots.


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