Protective Bird Netting for Garden with Cable Ties



The Protective Bird Netting for Garden with Cable Ties is a durable and lightweight mesh netting designed to keep birds and other pests out of your garden. It is made from high-quality nylon material, measures 13.1 x 16.4 feet, and includes 50⁣ cable ties for easy installation and secure attachment.

Key Features:

1. ​Easy and reliable bird netting⁢ that can be cut ‍to any size
2. Convenient installation with stainless steel‌ mounting pegs and⁢ cable ties
3. ‌Durable material made ‌of rustproof, strong, ⁤lightweight ⁤PP‍ material
4. Easy and secure installation without tools or wires required
5. ​Large and flexible ‍coverage ​for protecting plants ‍and crops


– Mesh size: ⁣3/4 inch
-​ Size: 7×100 feet
– Color: Black
-​ Material: ‍PP


– Ideal for preserving ‍gardens, patios, lawns,‌ and more
– Protects⁣ plants and crops ⁣from birds and ‌other animals
– Can ​be adjusted and​ mounted on different structures for various needs


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